Since 2000, SPW has welcomed artist-printmakers from right here in Swansea and South Wales and from all around the world: from the UK, Ireland, from Europe, the USA and Asia. Their work expresses what we believe: printmaking is inventive and individual; printmaking creates original, interesting and engaging visual art. This publication collects work from 50 Artists and showcases the best of what we do.

The publication is a comprehensive full colour catalogue in Welsh and English. Beautifully designed by Ridler Websiter, it contains 60 pages with full page illustrations. The artists have not only contributed their work but also given us an insight into their process and what printmaking means to them.

Printing is playtime. James Donovan | I am engrossed by the alchemy and unexpected nature of print. Ros Ford | J.S. Bach said that music, or art, are for the ‘glory of God’ and the ‘refreshment of the spirit’. Or, to quote the engraver Anne Desmet, I hope to make something that ‘makes the heart sing’. In the end that’s what matters. Sally Hands | The painstaking, patient activity of printmaking takes me into the spiritual dimension of my inner self. Aleem Dad Khan | I am intrigued by the interaction of sculpted metal, fluid ink, and fragile paper in the making of a print. Aoife Layton | What I love about printmaking is its capacity to surprise. The process takes over. Things happen. I am always curious to see how my work on a metal plate will translate onto paper. Sometimes it’s magical. Sometimes it’s a disaster. Robert Macdonald

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Contributing Artists: John Abell | Andrew Baldwin | David Barron | Lynne Bebb | The Late Pat Briggs | Nikki Cass | Bill Chambers |Sheila Clark | Rose Davies | Lucy Donald | James Donavon | Alan Figg | Jackie Ford |Ros Ford | Graeme Galvin | Michael Goode | The Late Bernard Green | Sally Hands | John Heywood | Nick Holly | Sarah Hopkins | Liz Jackson |Jane Jones | Fiona Kelly | Sue Kelsall | Aleem Dad Khan | Atif Khan | Sameera Khan | Aoife Layton | Lesley Lillywhite | George Little | Robert Macdonald | Nina Morgan | Jenny Mynett | Ruth Nay | The Late Don Owen | Ruth Parmiter | Carys Roberts | Kara Seaman | Peter Spriggs | Hilary Stanworth | Bridget Stevens | Kelly Stewart | Judith Stroud |Gill Tyson | Peter Visscher | Vinita Voogd | Alan Williams

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